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Glass Project Ideas for Bridal Showers

Suncatcher Ideas for Bridal Showers

Set up a table or two at your bridal shower for guests to relax and be creative with a Glass Art Project, you will be thrilled to see what happens.

This unique Craft activity is a great way to share the magic of glass fusing with guests in a fun and entertaining setting.

Ideas for using Suncatcher Kits for Bridal Showers:

  • Guests can create their own glass art collage that they will treasure as a memento of the bride, groom and their own part in the couples nuptial festivities.
  • Pay tribute your bridal shower guests by using their finished Suncatchers to adorn the reception tables. Present them with ornament stands either individually, tiered, or in conjunction with a floral or candle centerpiece.

Pendant Ideas for Bridal Showers

A charming choice for expressing your gratitude and your creativity, pendant kits offer guests entertainment and a sentimental keepsake.

Ideas for using Pendant Kits for Club Activities:

  • Guests can each make their own art glass necklace to wear in support of the bride & groom on the big day. Everyone will be very appreciative and treasure their pendant as a lasting symbol for years to come.
  • Have the bridal party make their own pendants to match the fashions that they will be wearing on the wedding day.
  • Pendants can make beautiful and sentimental gifts for the bride's maids.

Group Platter Kit Ideas for Bridal Showers

This is a thoughtful way for guests to participate in making a personalized keepsake for the bride.

Ideas for using Group Platter Kits for Bridal Showers:

  • Guests contribute by creating a glass collage that is then composed and fused into one large, elegant platter.
  • Display the finished platter at the wedding for everyone to see before the bride and groom take their treasure home.
  • Use the finished platter for guests to place cards into as they arrive at the reception.