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Glass Project Ideas for Your Family

Suncatcher Ideas for Family & Home

Choose from a variety of Sun-catcher projects. All are fun and easy to make no mater what your skill level!

Ideas for using Suncatcher Kits with the family:

  • Getting the family together for an afternoon of making Sun Catchers or ornaments for Christmas, Chanukah, Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.
  • Making great mobiles, hang Suncatchers from a dowel or stick and assemble one-of-a kind mobiles.
  • Displaying individual ornaments or making dynamic presentations by hanging several on ornament holders and trees.
  • Hang Suncatchers on the screen door to beautify your home and advise people when it is closed, avoid those sliding door crashes!

Pendant Ideas for Family & Home

Make your own stunning glass jewelry that you can wear with pride!

Ideas for using Pendant Kits with the family:

  • Hosting a make-your-own-pendant get-together, a great quality-time activity for any time of the year.
  • Offering the do-it-yourselfer in your life a real hands-on glass fusing experience like they have seen on television (without needing a kiln!).
  • Get the neighbors involved and make it a community event.
  • Create your own fashion jewelry to match your wardrobe.
  • Handmade Pendants make great teacher gifts.

Religious Kit Ideas for Family & Home

Make truly memorable holiday projects while exploring and learning about glass at the same time. Choose from a variety of religious themed kits.

Ideas for using Religious Kits with the family:

  • A fun, quality-time activity to share with your family while making symbolic and meaningful crafts.
  • Have the family make religious items to donate to disadvantaged families.

Glass Tile Ideas for Family & Home

Tile Kits are a fun way to create your own tiles for home decorating and creative art projects.

Ideas for using Tile Kits with the family:

  • Making fabulous, one-of-a-kind coasters and paperweights.
  • Making unique glass art pieces that can be creatively framed or used to mosaic onto walls, furniture or frames.
  • Making your own custom accent tiles for your home (interior or exterior), They are perfect by themselves or in conjunction with ceramic tiles in the kitchen, bath, bar, fireplace etc.

Group Platter Ideas for Family & Home

An absolutely fool-proof, fun and easy group project! Each person collaborates to make their own glass collage that gets fused into one beautiful platter.

Imagine having each family member create his or her own design to be “quilted” into an heirloom quality glass platter.

Ideas for using Group Platter Kits with the family:

  • Having all the children decorate a square to be collaged into a gorgeous Platter for a special family memento, grandparent or anniversary gift.
  • Reunions; take advantage of the opportunity of having everyone together and make a Group Platter it will be a priceless family heirloom. Imagine having all the generations working together and being represented on one beautiful platter. As you can imagine the photo opportunities will be fantastic too.

Patriotic Kit Ideas for Family & Home

These are great arts & crafts activities for celebrating your patriotism. Teach your family to recognize and honor the U.S.A for all we are proud of. Enjoy these projects around civic holidays, Fourth of July, Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

Ideas for using Patriotic Kits with the family:

  • Independence Day celebrations; a great time to set up a table for making patriotic pendants, tiles and sun-catchers at your family or community picnic.
  • Displaying and wearing your finished glass projects as a show of honor and pride for the great USA!
  • Giving people the opportunity to create Patriotic Pendants, Dishes, Tiles, Sun-Catchers and Ornaments as way to honor military friends, family members and ancestors.

Christmas Kit Ideas for Family & Home

Make your own homemade gifts, crafts, ornaments and decorations for the whole family to celebrate each other and Christmas holiday.

Ideas for using Christmas Kits with the family:

  • Start a new tradition of making handmade glass gifts with family and friends at Christmas time.
  • Sun Catchers make great decorations and ornaments for the tree and home.
  • Adorn your Christmas packages with handmade glass ornaments, you can even write on them with marker and have them double as gift-tags (most marker washes off the glass with soap and water.)

Chanukah Kit Ideas for Family & Home

Choose a Glass Art Project to do with your family. Create glass Suncatchers and pendants to display and give with pride.

Ideas for using Chanukah Kits with the family:

  • Make it a great annual tradition that everyone looks forward to!
  • Make your own glass Chanukah decorations.
  • Include a Glass Art Project as part of your Chanukah celebrations. - Make a series of handmade glass hearts that can be displayed in a window and admired by all.
  • Hang your Chanukah Suncatchers on ornament displays as part of the festival of lights an elegant table setting or centerpiece.

Valentines Kit Ideas for Family & Home

Unique Valentine craft activities get families in the mood for creating beautiful glass jewelry and decorations. Kits are available to make glass heart jewelry and sun-catchers.

Ideas for using Valentine Kits with the family:

  • Make your own glass Valentines and delight friends and family with your one-of-a-kind handcrafts.
  • Include a Glass Art Project as part of your Valentine’s celebrations.
  • Make a series of handmade glass hearts that can be displayed in a window and admired by all.
  • Hang your Valentine Suncatchers on ornament displays as part of an elegant table setting or centerpiece.

Mother’s Day Kit Ideas for Family & Home

Give your family the opportunity to make custom glass “mom” pendants and Suncatchers in honor of Mother’s Day.

Ideas for using Mother’s Day Kits with the family:

  • Make unique glass necklaces that rival the ones seen at boutiques and craft fairs. Moms will be amazed!
  • Suncatchers are a popular kit for people of all skill levels to make great gifts for mom.
  • A mother’s Day gift making activity can be a fun part of a Mother’s Day brunch or get-together.
  • Have some mother/son or mother/daughter quality-time and choose a Glass Art Mother’s Day Kit to work on together.